Saturday, 24 September 2011

Letter to my deceased father

In loving memory of my dad Moses "tata" Magcanya, who passed away on Sunday:(the day set apart for the worship of God) the 11th September ( the historical day, where planes were hijacked and used on the terror attack against U.S.A

It's been 17 days since I last heard your voice, 2 months since I last felt you by my side. For the first time I was too emotional to leave you, then you gave me a hug and assured me that I'll find you in good health on my return,I'll give anything for the smile you gave me, the smile which said how proud You were of me, I'm missing you it hurts. You were without any doubt the greatest man I've ever known, you taught me to tell the truth, to respect my elders, to forgive, to love God, to pray and to be compassionate to everyone, these lessons are bearing fruit in my life.

You were my best friend, a gentle, kind and generous soul,I will always remember the sacrifices you've made to keep us happy, the unconditional love tou gave, you fought
stay alive, you could have given up long ago, but your love for us made you stay and fight for you life, then without a warning, without giving us enough time to grieve the lost of our loving brother, your son, you also heard the inevitable call from heaven, so you had to comply, loosing both of you in just a two months period has caused emptiness inside, I really thought nothing could break us apart, there was still a lot, I needed to do for you, to show how grateful I am for the struggles you've been through in raising me into a woman I've become, you were everything I ever needed, a perfect dad, the fact that I will not be able to pick the phone and call you for counsel, advice, wisdom, encouragement and for just a laugh, makes me afraid. I still need you, I want you back, oh dad this truly hurts so bad, I hope one day this pain I feel will go away.
I'm grateful for your last words to me which were my last words to you "I love you" that was just a perfect ending. I miss you dad.

Your daughter
Innantia Happy Magcanya